Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

It's my birthday!
This weekend the weather was SO nice that I *almost* pulled out a sleeveless shirt.. but I didn't have any capris since my others were maternity (and I would so wear them if I didn't feel guilty) and my other pair well doesn't fit yet! It was 70is out! Alyssa ran out of the house that morning going crazy in the yard and not wanting to come back in Saturday morning lol.
The teen's vday party went pretty good. There was lasagna, cookie cake, and salad. (I only like one of those.. guess which haha) Ben brought the speakers and receiver from the house and played them some music to dance to. He 'tried' to dance with me. Ok. He danced with me but he has very long feet plus he's 6+ inches taller than me so some things are a bit harder lol. It was a nice gesture until he started being his crazy self and acting innopropriately in church (it was at the church) So I quit dancing with him and told him that was for later.
He suprised me with 2 books for my bday friday. I didn't think I would like them but, it doesn't take long until I am wrapped up tightly in just about any fiction book. I have this way of getting lost or consumed in it furiously reading as if it was my life unfolding in ink. He knows I like series for than novels and so far this one has 4 in it but he got me 2 with a promise for more later :).
Sunday after church my mom took us out to Ruby Tuesdays for my birthday. The kids were tired and it wasn't all that easy.. my grilled chicken sandwhich's wheat bun was soaking with grease (yuck! maybe I should have ordered a steak that I knew would come back cooked more than medium rare...) I think restraunts get afraid when you want it uncooked! I hate it when meat is overcooked.. all flavor gone so it has to be smothered in sauce. Like I said, Oh well. I'm not much for cake or icecream.. I'd rather have frenchfries smothered in melted cheese with bacon sprinkled on top... mmmmmmm Outback Steakhouse! See these bad craving habits I have to break! lol.
I think maybe I should reconsider not starting a bunch of projects at once since I have a procrastinating type personallity.. if some one asks me to do something sure I'll hop to it to make them happy.. otherwise.... well it wasn't asked of me lol. I often have no knitting to take with me places because I start 1 or 2 things and finish them before allowing myself another.
Can you tell I just decided to ramble today? Oh yeah Saturday I talked Ben in to going to Hancock Fabrics.. well he knows I've been saying I want to go but was backing out of it now that I had a chance so he talked ME in to going even though we would have to rush to get back in time for the Vday party. They had a sale 30-40% off of cotton fabrics and I picked up 4 or 5 prints to make the girls some dresses for the summer. Alyssa and Ben went to Toys R Us nearby while I looked around (I can't stand his hovering and boredness looming over my shoulder!) So now I need some cute cotton yarn for the tops.. yes I spent some of my bday money on this.... lol Don't I always? I did want to make them cute things to wear so what's wrong with that?

It was SO hard to choose just a few. The place was crowded and there I was with my little buggy and 10 bolts of fabric in there by the time I went through to make my final disicion. I love color what can I say? I would probably have little fabric swatch photos all over my house if I wasn't married lol....

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Katidids said...

Happy Birthday!
Hancocks is like ravelry to me...a time suck! After 15 min they say um Mom, Its been a hour, are you ready yet? Just went this weekend & had a hard time leaving. I should just "shop" the stash in my basement! Those patterns/colors will be great on the girls. I was at Hobby Lobby & picked up a cotton print for a summer outfit & flannel on clearance @$2.00 yd for bumpette