Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mishaps and Tryouts

We used to have this great little pizza place about 1/2 mile down the road that had wheat crust and was Oh so good! They unfortunatly being in a small area didn't have enough business (and didn't deliver because of that) and closed. I see pizza delivery cars all around here too.. his pizza tasted so much better than theirs!
So, tried to make a homemade pizza Tuesday night. I used the crust recipe from here. There are so many recipes for the dough and sauce that it's a little daunting. I put too much garlic in the sauce! lol It was my first time to chop garlic and I didn't do a very good job obviously and didn't have time to find out what a 'clove' was. Here is how it looks though and I have 3 more crusts in the freezer.

The family verdict: Ben ate it but definitely thought there was too much garlic, said the crust was 'ok'. Alyssa liked it and ate her piece.. she's the least picky eater of the 2 and Tyler who normally only eats it for the bread didn't like it all that much since it was wheat. I liked the crust personally and knew there was too much garlic. Overall I liked it but would probably buy jarred sauce next time unless another recipe appeals to me better.

As if that wasn't enough mishap (to have garlic breath that strong!) lol Wed, I did a nice little number on our carpet, one of my favorite baskets, and the shelf that holds my cloth diapers. I ran out of cloths wipes and went to grab another stack on the top shelf when it knocked over a bottle of fingernail polish that I was keeping away from the kids... but in all fairness was not put away where it should have been. It hit my metal snap press and exploded. Pink sparkly mess everywhere(and Ty was still laying in the floor with diaper open and poopy!). I was on my way out the door to get Alyssa from K3 when it happened too and ended up late and with fingernail polish all over.....

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Katidids said...

Read the heading of your prior post, at least it did not hit the little one....I see Murphy visits your house too. That Pizza looks great. Fresh garlic an be strong. Save the rest in a little olive oil and your good to go!