Monday, June 22, 2009

More Haircuts!

My Momaw took Kailey yesterday and I was looking at Alyssa with her tangled hair (again!) and decided it was definitely time for that haircut!

I went to Walmart since Ben needed a few things anyways. The kids need a nap today! We have VBS at my mom's church this week and we are helping out with running it. Ty was already tired and I had to hold him kicking and screaming while Alyssa got a haircut and kept moving her head and complaining about the hair in her face and that her eyes stung because the lady sprayed her in the face. The lady didn't want to talk at all.. I mean I don't have to tell you my life story or anything but I hate silence in situations like this. (weather talk, craziness of the government, anything welcome!) She ended up with her hair shorter than I asked... sorry Nana. I did say an inch or more below the shoulders!
Well, I finally gave in to Ty's pleas to put him down because she was almost done with Alyssa's hair and he ran to the lady's drink and grabbed it up. Luckily, I caught him in time. I hurridly paid after that and got out of there!
We did a quick shopping trip and headed towards McDonalds inside Wally World. As soon as I handed Ty the drink... he dropped it.. All over the bag of stuff and in the floor. I appologized to the employees refilled the cup and escaped once again.

Saturday was the make-up day for last weeks' VBS with a huge water slide and 2 moon jumps. I was not there, though I reminded Ben to put sunscreen on Ty (and he says he reapplied) the poor baby is way past burned and has blisters on his ears and one on his eyelid. He's my little lobster boy...sorry sweetie I know how it feels and you have your momma's skin. Daddy had both of their shirts off the whole time too and serves him right that he was burned also.

Can I say that it is way too hot outside? 95 here and with humidity it feels like over 100! I was just in our storage building outside to hunt down 12m clothes for Kailey. She is turning out to be bigger than her brother and sister. Ty was always under his size in pants, and way over in shirts to fit his noggin. Alyssa pretty much stays her age. Kailey, she is 9 mo and wearing 12m onsies and 6-9m pants...

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