Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Try Something New Tuesday

Ok so technically.. the haircut was Saturday, and the breadmaking was Monday night.. but, I'm just getting around to it... I don't have my before pics yet because they were taken on my phone as a last minute thought.

I have added highlights which I also don't have a picture of yet. I wasn't going to color my hair, but my FIL found 5 or 6 gray hairs! I blame it on the kids.. and the big kid..(hubby)
Here's the homemade bread. I couldn't find my loaf pans so I had to use a casserole dish... lol
If you would like to try this recipe it was very easy for my first bread but I tasted a lot of yeast.... I found it at Hillbilly Housewife (love this site). I greased the pan very well, but it stuck on bottom and broke.


Katidids said...

But did it taste pretty good? Looks wonderful for your first loaf! Love your new cut! WOW! Big difference! you look soooo young! Is that your natural curl? Now I know where the kids get it!

Candice said...

It tasted ok, a lot more moist than store bought. I had fun playing in the dough! I didn't want to stop kneading it lol. My hair was supposed to be 2 inches longer than it is... I can barely get it in a ponytail!
Yes, that's my natural hair :) My mom's is kinky but mine is very wavy/semi curly. It gets weighed down the longer I have it since it is so thick. I lightly scrunch wet and that's it. If I comb it out when wet then it just has lots of body (other than on top!)and needs a flat iron to straighten.