Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WIP, Finished items, plus a sale!

Here are two more finished woolies for the shop!
Dragonfly Dance shorties on scrumptious Merino,
and Every Rose Bloomers also on the same merino.
July 1st- 4th iCandi will be having a sale on everything so don't forget to stop by! Use the coupon code INDEPENDENCE to get 10% off or the code FREESHIP to get free shipping!

Recently finished,
Calorimetry that Alyssa stole so I made the button a little kitty. It's too wide for either of us really.
This doesn't really count as finished but it ended up too tight at the ankle, maybe it's the design of this architecture but I can barely get it on. I will end up ripping it out most likely.
Swiffer cover per hubby's request. I haven't made this one with the bobbles before, worked ok but I think I like the other ones I did better.

I am working on my first lace ever and making a shawl to display at the shop. This leaf pattern is gorgeous! The pattern is called Woodland Shawl.


Katidids said...

Love the shorties! those are great colors. Did you dye the yarn?

Katidids said...

Left you an award on my blog!

Kristin said...


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