Wednesday, March 31, 2010

no jacket required...

It is really nice out today. When Alyssa got back from preschool she begged to play outside so of course I said yes. Not ten minutes later she came running in saying she was afraid of the bees and would not go back out. So she ate lunch, colored then I tried to talk her in to going back outside by explaining what bees do.

They also had a little sucker and Kailey had her first one... I finally caved. She ate it like a big girl enjoying every minute of it going mmmmmm

Finally Alyssa was fine and ready to play. Tyler on the other hand, was not. Kailey stood at the door beating then grabbing her shoes trying her best to let me know she wanted outside lol. She dragged me down the steps and ran off towards the swings :)

Ty walked in front of Alyssa while she was swinging and was knocked over. I know he was tired since he was especially whiny. I finally talked him in to swinging a little too. At one point I was pushing all 3 kids at once.

Oh and why is the title of this post no jacket required? Because it was warm enough not to use one and I had to convince the kids they didn't need it, only Alyssa didn't believe me lol.

The only bad part of this outing is that I turned my hurt ankle over twice :(

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