Monday, March 8, 2010

one day of spring

Lately the kids have been bugging me to death about washing the car. You know how a 4yo doesn't forget anything? Well I had told them when it gets warm we will wash it.

My car was a HUGE mess of leaves, a wrapper or two, crumbs and more. So I grabbed out the little shop vac we have and went to town taking out all three car seats from the back and getting up the majority of it. Confession: I had to empty out the vac at one point (gross?)

I was able to wipe down the dashboard, wash the windows from the inside and get most of the big stuff out of the floor boards. Some how I managed all this while stopping every 5 seconds to check where 3 kids were and to keep Kailey from climbing stairs (which she currently has a fascination with). Did I mention how many times they whined and asked if it was ready to wash yet?


They were soaked from head to toe and had to go straight to the tub after this,

but they enjoyed every minute of it!

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Katidids said...

Wha a win win! Happy Kids & a clean car! They are all getting so big!