Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Calling in Sick

Ok so today is going to be a sick day for me. Kailey is still sick too and not sleeping as long as she used to at night. I was up a lot yesterday and battling a cold off since going skating Friday. She woke up last night and I could not get myself out of the bed and 5 mins later she went back to sleep and I kind of feel bad about it but was releaved at the time. So I got up this morning sick and DH said he couldn't say home but to take it easy (we'll see if he still thinks that when he comes home to dishes in the sink and no clothes washed :)). So I guess that means a day of kids in my bed watching cartoons and knitting and reading for me.. except for the parts when I run to go see what they are getting in to because they're bored. Pics of the McWayne Center trip and newest pair of babylegs up later.

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