Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Katrina Soaker Tutorial

Ok this is for you Katidids, well others too! The pattern I am using is Katrina's Fleece soaker found here. If you are going to buy fleece to make this then look for one with a print that is to scale of the object you are making and can face any direction. What I have used was given to me and all I had. GL!

Get your kids settled. One is asleep, one is at PreK for a few hours and... one is here.
Print and cut out your pieces. The one on the left is something different, disregard please.
By this time his snack is gone and you need another distraction. :)
Sew on the extra wet zone layer to the main body on the inside.
Turn your pieces inside out and sew edges together like so...
Take your cuffs and fold in half with the right side out.
Have a snack yourself oops it wouldn't open!
With your body piece still inside out, place your leg cuff inside and align all 3 selvage edges and sew around stretching the cuff (that is on the inside) because it is smaller and needs to be to contain messes. I have shown it not align so you could tell how to do it)
Do this for both leg cuffs and the waistband.
Now you should have this...
And here is the front and back on my daughter Kailey. She was asleep so I didn't get to measure and this barely fits. Oops. So next time will have to be a Medium. She is currently 11lbs 14oz and 4m old if anyone needs a reference.

I realized after I did the waistband that the seam is in the front. Watch out where your seams go! I hope this helps some one!


Katidids said...

THANK YOU! Will cut some out tonight. Have to check out the sewing machine & Serger.....Shes a little Sweetie Pie

Heather said...

Thank you for the tutorial!