Thursday, January 22, 2009


I made some stitch markers for a friend recently (Katidids), and some one made a comment on them that made me want to look harder for info to improve the way I make them. It's not that I didn't want them to look like those pretty ones on etsy, they just didn't lol. So I was looking around and I didn't find a better tutorial (plus I needed to make supper before DH got home!) but I saw this one pic of the wire being cut before you made the circle to close it off. DUH! it was that simple... so here is a picture of 1dz I made.. well 11 of them one is in use already.
Here is my newest WIP..
I call it Tea Party because I kept thinking of Alice in Wonderland for some reason..which is part of the reason I made a skirty.

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Katidids said...

Those are great!I love the colors. I keep thinking I need to make some many things going on here to pick up another project. Thanks again for all the diaper making tips!