Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, January is coming to a close and that means several events are around the corner. My mom's b-day is the 2nd of Feb, one of my aunt's is the 5th and mine is the 9th, plus Valentine's Day. My husband isn't the romantic type and I like picking out my gift anyways (though it would be nice for a surprise every once in a while!) He doesn't read this though lol. Last year I bought a yarn swift. This year I want some nice yarn and some dyes. I'm tired of Wiltons and Patons and KP. They're all great and cheap but I would really for once like to feel KPPPM, Purewool, BFL or something! I'm afraid if I ever do I'll become a total yarn snob. I have tons of acrylic from when I first started out, Red Heart Super Saver, I hate working with the stuff now! I don't mind Caron Simply Soft.. I mean it's soft right? how can you hate that and the price? But it is not good for ribbing.. which I found out with the one sock (test sock) I made once.
I REALLY need to make something for me for once! I don't think I ever have unless you count washcloths to clean the kids faces with lol. Maybe a tank (that actually covers the girls) would be nice :) I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which dyes to go with.. Jacquard seem the easiest and I already have red, yellow, and blue in them but I wouldn't mind using something different if it was better.
For Christmas I bought the book "the yarn lover's guide to hand dyeing" but was dissapointed. I was looking for something to show me how to make consistent results, methods of storing dyes, and which dyes are good for what. Almost all of the book could be found online and I only found one technique I hadn't seen before. Any suggestions to look at for my b-day present? I never know what to get my mom, she always says she doesn't want anything.....

I frogged that skirt yet again lol. I guess I am not scared of frogging like some poeple.
I checked my ice cube trays this last time I made babyfood and they are NOT 1oz each, the whole tray made a little ocer 10oz with those 18 cubes.. but still the price savings is great.


Katidids said...

I have been using the Cushings Perfection Dyes & love them. I don't do large quantities of dying and they work great for my needs. BTW I am soooo alergic to frogging! LOL

Sakura said...

Cushings was the one I was trying to remember. Thank You!
I get stuck sometimes that it is 'not right' and it just can't stay like it is or I will not work on it lol.