Friday, January 9, 2009

Kids are better and CD's

Well, he got through his antibiotics and was great but now he has a cold again and that 'snot' smell is back. Kailey was sick too but now sounding much better.

My husband sent me something interesting today (other than all the curse words). He is on a car forum for his Honda Civic 2000 Si (we were in to cars before kids.. though he still is) and some one mentioned none other than cloth diapers. Now my husband doesn't usually mess with them and if there is a disposable around he grabs it but believe it or not he spoke on the behalf of cloth diapers and how they aren't all that bad and saves tons of money.. awww proud of hubby. *big grin*

I got a little dying done yesterday but my camera's battery is dead and I keep forgetting to charge it! My husband had a job interview a few weeks back so if anyone sees this say a prayer for us because while not in desperate need (We're thankful for what we do have) it was definitely be most welcome to expand the budget in a few areas.. say.. groceries? and Summer clothes will be needed for the kids soon enough.. and maybe... once I lose some of this 'baby' fat that I keep piling on for 4 years in a row now.. I'll actually get a few things myself. I really do like wearing business type clothing which makes no sense since I stay at home. (wow that's the first time I have used sense and since together lol)

Something sad I saw last week was my old basketball coach from highschool.. He had retired from teaching but I saw him working at WalMart stocking shelves... sad.


Katidids said...

I'm sorry its been such a challange, poor little guy! I can't get over how big the kids have gotten! looking at the spring photos, and those you just posted? Wow!

Sakura said...

lol yeah. My husband is the Youth Director at our church. I help some in class and run the church's website. So looking at the kids there.. well they are only 6 or so years younger than me but I knew them as babies and it's really hard to think next thing I know mine will be in our class... and then what? Kailey looks a lot like her sister too :) I catch myself reminiscing the one baby days.. but honestly I don't miss it all that much :D Idle hands and minds lie in waste.