Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finished Projects

I'm not fond of this one but it will serve its purpose right?
Curly Purly waistband with Sheepy Time Knits body. I crocheted the legs since it's faster :)
Yay 3 dresses complete. I tried both of Alyssa's on and this first one has a bit of a funny fit on her (could be my sewing skills...) and the second is a bit large and needs some ribbon or icord to tie it back. It keeps falling off of her shoulders. I have never gathered fabric before so I used my least favorite prints first. I still need to try Kailey's on though. Oh and I made a few changes to the pattern like making the top of the ribcage strap in garter so it doesn't roll and changed the decreases at the bodice to k1, ssk, knit til last 3, k2tog, k1, so it wasn't rolled over and rough. I had to iron them to get it flat enough to sew as it was!

An update to this post:
These turned out to be big for both girls and I did not sew ribbon to the straps. I squeezed the button at the waist through the knitting to tighten this up for Alyssa the one time she has worn it so far. I will probably have to do the same for Kailey.
Update: This one fits Alyssa big also so I added ribbon, located on each side, in the last knit row before the fabric by inserting through the stitches and tying a knot. The shoulders straps tend to fall off but I did use a larger gauge yarn and the 12m size numbers so I didn't expect it to be exactly right. I'm pretty sure I added the 4 sts under each arm as suggested also.

I still have 2 dresses going and 2 sheepy pants.


Katidids said...

Those are to cute, I'm planning on one for Evie, thanks for passing your mods on. The sheepy pants are too cute! Great work

Katidids said...

So whatcha workin on now?