Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been an awfully good girl

Wow I had a great weekend, and on top of that finished a chore that had been haunting me! When Kailey was born I went in to commando mode and got every thing done.. all clothes.. dishes.. it was awful. I didn't have enough time for anything it seemed like and I stressed out and eventually gave up breastfeeding.. and I Really hate that I did. I've always felt like I missed out and wasn't fully a mom because I didn't ever do that. I pumped for 6 months for my son who was a preemie but that was the best I did. Anyways what brought that up is this. I have been given some clothes for Kailey from lots of people.. and all sizes of course. So what's the problem? I now have 5 people to wash and dry clothes for and 2-3 kids to wash dipes for daily. (good thing I don't mind folding clothes... once I get started that is lol) They kept piling up in Kailey's little bedroom... unsorted clothes.. a lot the wrong season for her age but anyways... My husband also decided that since Kailey wasn't using her crib (she sleeps in a swing) that he could throw the clean clothes in there from the dryer because he hates them to be in baskets and in the way anywhere (small house). So what happened? well they piled up of course. Her room was a HUGE mess and I was picking clothes out of a crib for the kids to wear and folding my husbands as needed.. I know awful lol. I got up the will power tuesday and almost knocked it all out. I had 6 garbage bags to take to the building of clothes Kailey grew out of (I had sizes 0-6 she wore.. and the various unknowns), and some Alyssa and Ty couldn't fit in anymore either. DH came home and said "that's a nice start". Ugh.

My weekend... My mom went shopping with me and bought me an Easter dress, church outfit, 2 pairs of shoes (Payless BOGO), a purse, socks, and the kids some summer clothes. Of course she tried on a lot of clothes too and got a few things for herself. One funny thing, we have closer tastes in clothing now.. which we never had before.


Katidids said...

As today starts the season of Lent...instead of giving up something I'm changing a few things..."Doing" is my chores, finishing things started. Like your crib, I get side tracked or "to busy" to complete "things".

TracyKM said...

I've just read a bit of your blog, but I think you'd really benefit from "The FlyLady" She gives simple, quick 'missions' everyday to keep your house in order...she really recommends using a 15 minute timer so you don't get sidetracked or in too deep, and one of her philosophies is one load of laundry per day---washed, folded and put away. I don't always get it put away, folding station is on top of my washer/dryer though so I do have to keep on top of it. I used to 'save up' laundry for 'laundry day' and then be left with a huge mountain of clean clothes that I didn't want to tackle cause I was tired of doing laundry all day...and then I'd be fustrated that nothing else got done either. It's made a huge difference for me :)