Friday, February 20, 2009

New Strategy

I figured out recently that I have a permanent case of 'startitus', you know when you have all these wonderful ideas in your head but you complicate and change them so much that you never actual start working on them? Yup that's me! lol. Now if some one asks me to do something, it gets done (well that may be a bit different for my husband lol.. I'm sure he'd give you a different answer!) So I have a new approach. I now have 4 size US7 needles , two are 16' and 2 are interchangeable Knit Picks Options. I now have multiple projects going at the moment so I have several to just pick up and take with me.. if I dare bear the scrutiny my husband gives when I do such an unthinkable thing. He'd rather I socialize but I guess he doesn't think that I can do multiple things at once... plus I'm not so great at the socializing part anyways hehe.

Now that my thumb feels better I'm a little suprised at how much more I get done this way... though if you look at my que.. it's a little one-sided at the moment since all of the yarn I previously dyed was girly colors. I still need a pot to use my new cushings dyes and therefore am kind of stuck in a loophole.

I love animals and I used to have 2 great cats when I was a teenager that I kept when I married Ben, but they didn't get along with Alyssa when she was born.. and unfortunately had to go.... One constantly jumped on top of her, over her face like she slept on me and the other was simply terrified. Poor things, I felt they would be happier with someone else and DH was tired of changing out the litter since I couldn't touch it. (hehe) Well, he is now trying to bribe me in to a kitty for Alyssa. She adores animals too and her favorite is of course kitties. She loves her Papaw's 4 (used to be 5) cats but they are skiddish and don't want anything to do with her. We tried getting a dog once. My grandmother used to breed Shih-Tzu's but I had too many other poopy beings to clean up after and thought I would get another chance for one later... didn't know my grandfather would soon die and that wouldn't be possible.. but anyways.
So what is he bargaining with you ask? In exchange for a kitty he wants to have no more kids.... not fair at all... I tried to say.. for as long as we have the cat no kids.. but that didn't work. Darn.
We once adopted a cute stray I named Misty (she was a grey color with white paws.. Misty gray in color) but our neighbors took her.. I don't know if it was theirs to begin with or not but they had some people staying with them and the boy was quite rude and made Alyssa cry saying it wasn't her cat. I still don't know where a litter box would go.. especially since Kailey will be crawling in the next few months.. o boy out come the gates again.
Pics will be up shortly on how the dresses, tops, and soakers are coming along.
I am considering making Alyssa a few Acrylic capris to go along with her tops and dresses.. plus I need to get rid of the stuff.. it's like Kudzu it multiplies like sand in a house at the beach. Beach great..don't even want to think about bathing suites...


Katidids said...

kitten or a kid, hum.....have to think about that one! I've been looking at the knit picks options, let me know how you like them.

Sakura said...

I've had a nickel set (plus some extras in the harmony) for about 1 year and I really like them. Though, I didn't have enough cables and stretched the shorter ones in to magic looping with them and they cable popped out on a pair, plus Alyssa pulled the cable out of another one and one came out while knitting (grr). I love the sharp points though and the nickel are nice and slick.
I can't find one of my 7s! So I guess I have 3 at the moment.... I have NO idea where it is.