Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 down

Well, I finished Ty's 2 I was working on. What do you think?

His face is a bit dirty still.. forgot to clean it before taking a pic lol.

Kailey's Teal Pants are done but I'm afraid they will be too small. Her hips are larger than I thought and she's not exactly built like the other two. The skirty, and capri's I recently made her are kind of stretched to get over her cloth bum so I'm not exactly sure what to do about that.. but here it is.

Alyssa had this picture my mom had printed for her before she was born with her name and the meaning on it. Alyssa found it the other day and I didn't realize it was in her room. All of a sudden I hear.. "It's bleedin, it's bleedin" I go running in to find drops of blood across the room, on the picture, on one of her stuffed animals, and glass broken everywhere. Ty had his hat picking up the pieces and putting them in it. Luckily he wasn't cut and hers wasn't major or anything but she wiped blood on her picture and a huge stuffed animal. So, I had a kid to sooth, one to put back to bed and a mess to clean up. She asked me to pray for it and said she wanted everyone to see it lol. Oh, and said she wanted her Nani to make a new picture for her but this time with a kitty on it.

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