Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I got my Purewool and Peace Fleece in already from Burgh Baby Gear! Wow that was fast! She also included a free sample with my order. I first opened the package and thought it was the PF on top but I was wrong.. it was the Purewool. For some reason I was thinking it would be whiter lol. I won't knit with it until I dye it and I won't dye it until I find mason jars for my dyes... crud. Anyone know where to find these besides online with outrageous shipping?
Oh and I am loving my new pattern so far and can't wait to try it on Ty. Here is a pic of my Sea Legends WIP gusset.


Katidids said...

Sea Leg is BEAUTIFUL!!! Did you dye that one? You can use bowls to dye, some use cupcake tins, or even soup bowls

Candice said...

Yes! :P It is the one I said I couldn't get all the colors to show up in the pic. I did it the same time as "Promise". I have some small bowls to dye out of, but nothing to store the excess dye I make since I won't be dyeing 2lbs of one color at a time :D. So I'm saving up glass jars and I need something to mix it in too.