Monday, March 23, 2009

Sew Many Choices

Yeah I'm corny and I'm ok with it lol. Kailey Bug and her usual camera pose.
I keep wasting away a lot of time lately because Kailey's prefolds are getting harder to put on. While I love my GMD prefolds because they are absorbent, I didn't have to trim them, there's no elastic to leave marks (look at that nice fold job :) ), there is also a little lack of cuteness.

So therefore I am trying to decide whether or not to sew some dipes.. there are some really cute flannel prints on sale at Joanns online right now and I am a sucker for flannel.. and cute prints. I could get prefolds, sew a few prints on and/or dye them or just sew up some diapers.. thou gh if I chose the latter.. it might not get done! lol Ever since my serger quit working.. I quit sewing and I really need some more wipes! I really would go for the whole embellished prefold thing but I don't already have dyes and I can't only buy a small amount of flannel. There are so many patterns I like right now and you have to buy the yard. At the same time.. I have a snap press I need to use more, and patterns.. and fitteds are easier when on the go and crawling babies and Kailey will be there before I know it.
I tried to do my Chloe Toes pattern as a fitted before but it didn't fit the other two kids well. Kailey however has a nice fit with this in a small size. See? Made out of an old receiving blanket of Alyssa's.
I also found out she fits well in a fatty cakes medium pocket diaper that my son can also (but barely) wear. We'll see what I chose because the sale is almost over... decisions, decisions..

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Katidids said...

be sure and check out sent me there before...she has a BUNCH of flannel on sale. I bout a lot & it was cheaper than any sale at the fab store!