Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Find and WIP

I will have to update with WIP pics later but I just wanted to share a great deal on yarn I found. I haven't tried or touched Purewool yet (my Peace Fleece woolies are still a WIP) but I ran across it for a coop price without the hassle and wait.. only thing is that it is undyed. To me, that's no problem but here is the link. Burgh Baby Gear is where everyone keeps talking about a new book that covers all the aspects you could think about for wool covers. They have a pattern for skirties, longies, soakers.. and you can sell the items you make from the pattern without having to pay fees or ask permission. Sounds great huh?

"Promise" Rainbow Shorties... a mix between Sheepy Pants and Adorabubble Baby Britches. This thing pooled so bad.. the yarn was painted (by me...oops) the perfect length to make blocks around the shorties. I knit these nearly 2 full times trying out the ABB pattern and normally I embrace pooling.. but this was neat at top.. looked like "Lucky" rode the rainbow down his pants but then came to a complete stop and was drunk or something lol. (edited to add..just now looking in comparison I may like the first crap!)


Here it is now.

"Sea Legends" is about half done I started on it yesterday and worked a couple hours to get this far. I am trying the ABB pattern again and dyed this one about the same length so had a few issues with it to but alternating ends of the yarn helped this time.

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