Tuesday, March 3, 2009

6 months old

Kailey had her 6m appointment yesterday and she is in 10% for weight and head circumference but 50% in weight. That's pretty close to the other two except Ty's big noggin so I'm not worried. He said she was well proportioned just petite. She can still fit in her small sheepy pants right now which is great since I haven't made mediums as pants but capri length. He also said that Alyssa does not have ringworm on her face but it is excema like her sis. Oh and she swallowed a dime 3 days ago and we haven't seen it yet but she keeps getting to the potty before I know what she is doing lol.

I finished a pair of shorts for Ty but plan on at least 2 more for him. I'm still debating trying a crochet one to sleep in but I couldn't get the pdf formula thing to work out right last time and the pants came out big so I stopped making them. I'd rather read a ready made one or do my own formula than plug in numbers and let that thing decide. ugh. I would like to make him for homemade things but not sure what to do.. other than I know he loves hat so maybe I could make a few.. :) he would love that.

I haven't used my dyes yet still *pout* because I can't find mason jars to mix it in and I still don't have a pot yet. Maybe the thrift store will have both but I have ventured to one yet. I am almost out of dyed yarn though so I don't have much of a choice if I am going to get Ty's shorts done.

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Katidids said...

A dime? Thats funny...no mater how closly we watch them they still get into everything. How is the sewing comming along? Thank you again for all the "diaper making" assistance & encouragement. They are almost as addicting as Sheepy Pants!