Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Try Something New Tuesday

I have internet now! Finally. We dropped dish for internet which stinks just a little because I can't play cartoons for the kids when I want to knit so we'll have to see what I come up with for that.

We're having revival all week at church and since I'm on the praise team I need to be there every night.. Oh and DH helps work the sound/power point/video cam, so he needs to be there too. So what does that mean? VERY crazy week that I probably won't get any knitting done and not much housework either. My dad stopped by yesterday unexpectedly for an hour or so and I was scrambling at last minute which was specifically what Ben asked me not to do... lol. We did not have nursery and probably won't the rest of the week... yikes. With 3 under 3 that's a really bad thing.. especially when Mom and Dad have parts in the service where they cannot sit with kids. So as usual I hand my kids off seperately most of the time to different people who I know don't mind and/or like to keep them for worship service. Ben keeps Kailey in the sound room with him but I wish I could strap her on and take her on stage with me.. it's actually not as loud up there as it is in the pews... especially where I stand (that's a rant all it's own) let's just say we can't hear a whole lot of singing where I stand with another harmony person.
Anyways Sunday night was great but last night... the kids acted up.. of course. We first got there and they were full of energy running around even after reminders that this was God's house and he doesn't like you to run (oops that happens in service sometimes.. maybe I should specify) around. Then after singing, (I sung last "Heaven" by Nicole C Mullen.. and I was scared) and my voice nearly leaving me because I couldn't hear the singing part and we did all fast songs, I tried to sit down with the kids in the back near a door. When I got them back they both had marker or pen all over there arms and legs.. now I don't get fussy over stuff like that.. it happens.. but really.. that much marker? Most of it came off this morning. They stayed quiet maybe 15mins in to the service and then Alyssa goes "I have to go peepee" and shot out of there like a cannon leaving me scrambling things together and Ty to go follow her and make sure she doesn't end up wet. I ended up in the nursery but no one else was there and I couldn't leave the kids to tell Ben we either needed to go or give me Kailey because I'm stuck in there and she needs to eat. They have a tv with the service in there but sometimes its hard to look at that wall when the kids are always behind you.. it's weird because the nursery is divided with a gate in half so little little ones can be in swings or beds without the bigger little ones bugging them. When we though the Evangalist was wrapping up we finally left. Oh and I found two of our preteens hiding out in the nursery with the lights out... the service was on but probably so they could see if anyone was coming for them.. ugh. I walked in gave them a look that said get back in the church and they left without a word. lol.

I made a meal schedule this week since we're low on supplies and kids have to be fed before service every night. I don't have the option of hot dogs or anything easy like that because we ate it already (oops). Oh and for Try Something New Tuesday.. I am cooking Porkchops for the first time... oh boy we'll just have to see what happens. I have to look up how to cook it after this but I just plan to poor bbq sauce over it afterwards lol. I have a recipe I've been meaning to put up for Oatmeal Candy which I made last night to take to church but of course saved some. They are nearly gone and the kids keep finding them and sneaking some.

Kailey is outgrowing her GMD yellow edge prefolds and they are not enough absorbancy anymore. I guess I have yet another heavy wetter. So, I'm getting together my used woolies to sell to buy a new dz or two and I have yet to sew her some diapers... bad mommy. I really do have to buckle down and sew next week. Which makes it a sad 2 weeks for knitting and I have so much to do still. The weather has been really nice as of late about 70's for a high, but of course "If you don't like the weather in Alabama, wait 24 hours." It now really feels like spring is coming soon.. which is all the more reason to hurry and knit!

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