Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Silly Kids

I know I have already blogged plenty today but I just noticed that Flickr now lets you upload one video for free... I have a few to choose from and it was a toss up between Kailey smiling when she was a few months old, Alyssa being her crazy self, or Ty in his cowboy outfit for his Bday... I am obviously born and bred in the south ok? So that ruled out Ty's vid since I sounded pretty bad there lol and Alyssa was just herself in this vid so it won out. Without further Ado... I give you Alyssa!
Wait.. what you can add vids here too? ugh am I an awful blogger or what... I might have to add all three now.. lol or not it takes forever so we'll see here's Yssa now..

I'm afraid to add them to youtube lol

1 comment:

Katidids said...

I love the silliness! Days like that have us all dancing around the house!