Friday, March 13, 2009

New colors

I didn't use my new dyes and Alyssa 'had' to help me paint yarn so I used Wilton's dyes and my Jacquard ones too but she only got to help on the Wiltons. These are on KnitPick's Bare Peruvian Highland.
I just could not get the one on the right to show up in this very bad lighting we have and well.. there is no sun out today so I guess I'll just have to do it again later. The one on the left is "Promise" and is just your basic rainbow with black and the one on the right I debated with several names but it is "Sea Legends". There are actually 4 shades of blue (that I used) and 1 of green in that but you really can't tell in this pic. I used the Wilton's dye on that one and Alyssa painted the green trim. I don't like the black from Jacquards because it either takes more dye, or longer or something but I was not very happy with it.
I wanted a rainbow pair so it would go with just about anything or at least I wouldn't have a shirt that didn't go with any of Ty's woolies. I would love to get started knitting on these.. but I have way too much to do and need to sew wipes and mama pads.. and last day of revival is tonight. I also have to make cupcakes for afterwards.

I have finished Kailey's white shorts but... I just can't leave anything white.. I don't know why. Maybe I have color OCD lol. I dyed them teal and I think it will go great with the fabric I still haven't sewn on to one of her dresses... You know the one where I have tons of yarn by it because it was my favorite? Well, I chose the dark teal (go figure) because it's one of my favorite colors. I haven't checked how close I matched it to the top because I didn't really think about it since it was left over dye from "Sea Legends". I think it will be close though. It is lanolizing now so pic tomorrow.

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Katidids said...

Those are beautiful! The legends is so rich! when you enlarge the photo its shows the other shades. I had the same issue with the balck, I'll email what jacquard said!