Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FO and iCandi

I finished a capri for Kailey in some purewool I dyed.. but she's wearing it and is asleep.. oops. No pics yet so I will add them later. Well, I decided to try and take one.. my camera's battery is dieing and it woke her up.. Sorry Kailey! She has not taken very many naps lately for the older two running around everywhere. She really needs her a mattress for her room now so she can sleep in peace. Well here's a shot of her new capris but not a great one.. I hope she goes back to sleep!

Here is another one for the store (iCandi)... My Lil Monster Lite on BFL size 18m

On another note.. I grabbed my camera when this happened.. because it never does.
They all fell asleep on the way home from Alyssa's preschool. All 3 of them! I tried my best to sneak Ty in to his room.. he woke up. Tried to take Alyssa in.. well she woke up too. Then came Kailey's turn and guess what yup Murphy won again. *sigh* I though I had them all asleep!
Oh and that is not make up on Alyssa.. that's a whoooooole other story...


Nikki said...

I had to comment - what kind of car do you drive that you can get THREE of them in there! Holy cow! Love the pic - next time, just leave 'em in the car to sleep... LOL!!!

Candice said...

lol I drive a Honda Accord '93 It's so packed that I had to take an armrest off 1 of the toddler chairs just to reach to buckle it. I'm hoping Kailey's next carseat fits or we're in trouble. She's already too big for the infant seat & old enough to go to the next one.
Plus, if I don't use the infant seat anymore, how will I get all 3 in to somewhere? That's why I really need to get a Mei Tai.