Monday, June 15, 2009


I have a big surprise.... If you know me.. I don't like surprises.. and at least if you have me one DON'T TELL ME! It will drive me insane and I might ask you a billion guesses. No, I won't be able to let it go until I know. As a young teen my mom gave up on trying to surprise me with Christmas presents because I found them. If they were wrapped I sneaked a peek anyways and rewrapped it. lol. She then just decided to have a Christmas 'allowance' (kept her from spending more) and we took it to the store.. with her of course and picked our gifts the day after Christmas... she would still get a few for the actual day though.
So what's my point? Ben got me a surprise. Now, one thing about my hubby.. he doesn't know I would only want ketchup on my cheeseburger at McDonalds and no ketchup for my fries, or BBQ sauce for my nuggets and little things like that. He doesn't pay attention really.
Friday about 4pm he calls me from work saying we'll have 2 people over for dinner and a movie and he won't tell me who they are and that he wants the house spotless. As usual, I didn't have a shower yet that day and the house was a disaster of disrupted toys, crumbs on the floor, sticky table, clean clothes dumped on the floor to play with baskets, and my bed unmade yet again from jumping on it. (and one of the remotes is STILL missing). So there I am running around like a mad woman getting one thing clean while the kids (who will not take naps anymore!) are messing up others. I was supposed to get Kailey ready to go to my moms house and the kids were looking pretty raggedy in play clothes themselves. Which was when I realized how I must look pretty bad too! Hubby calls at 5 when he gets off to see how things are going because they will be there at 7pm and to tell me he has to stop by the store on the way home for buns and chips. You see luckily I had set some chicken out to thaw the night before and that doesn't always happen. Well anyways that's when he threw out that word that sends my brain in a loop... surprise. Yup I started guessing, and I actually had it right but of course he wouldn't tell me that.

We had this agreement.. well he had this agreement that he wanted me to agree on lol. No more kids and we can get a cat. I never said no more kids but he brought home this kitty..

Usually I have a name right away for an animal.. but I have never had a tuxedo cat and I cannot think of a name for her! Anyone want to throw some suggestion out there? I've come up with a few but dh hasn't agreed on any so far. Her personality... darts around everywhere, really needy, wants to be held all the time, meows to death at night like she's hurting because she isn't allowed out of her pet bed area, loves to ride around on your shoulder and hide in small dark places, likes her belly rubbed and doesn't mind being held like a baby.

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