Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy Day

Well, summer is nearing an end and that only means one thing. Everyone needs a doctor's appointment to make sure they get their shots in! Unfortunately for me, Alyssa's birth date is close to then (6/26) and it is hard to get one in time. I also learned something else today too. Check ups are only covered by your insurance once a year and it doesn't matter if it is the day before a year is up, they still won't cover it! :( So I drag all the kids up there because I had to and Alyssa has to have her blue form before she can sign up for school.

Ever since she had staph infection she has been afraid of the doctor's office. Well, I didn't tell her we were going there this morning but I did already tell her before that she had to go to be able to go to school.... I came to my exit, took the ramp down and she noticed where we were.... next I hear "Momma that's my doctors office" (it's a hospital too) "NO momma don't take me there, go somewhere else! I don't want shots! I don't want shots!". Over and over. I couldn't find a parking spot, there were lots of people in the parking deck and I cannot stand this deck... small parking spaces, sharp turns, not much room to drive around, steep ramps that when there is a long line makes your car die (I drive a stick) because some one quickly stops because they *almost* didn't see that parking spot that you already had your eye on.

I get in there and here the bit about my insurance not covering it. They call us back and Alyssa starts in with the rant about no shots. She cried and didn't cooperate the entire time from being weighed, measured, and checked out by the doctor. Doctor left and Alyssa wanted to leave... but we couldn't because she needed shots and blood work. The whole time we were waiting for the nurse to bring the needles of doom she screamed. Kailey screamed because she was tired. Tyler screamed, still not sure why. It seemed like forever before that nurse came! It took 3 of us to hold her down so she could get her 4 shots. Then came the finger prick which I reminded her was just like when Kailey was in mommy's tummy and I had it done all the time and also that she got a hand stamp for that and could almost have her sucker now.

Height 42" 90%
Weight 35.2lbs 75%

She is almost tall enough to get by and ride on a rollarcoaster, at 4 years old!

Heading home Alyssa goes, "mommy, do we have hairs in our nose?"
Me, "yes baby we have hair in our nose"
Alyssa,"but, I don't feel any hairs in my nose".
Then I explained to her about how there is dust and germs in the air and we have hairs in our nose to catch it so we don't breath it in to our bodies and that's what boogers are.
Alyssa " Do we get the boogers out with our fingers?"
Me "No, we use a tissue in the bathroom"
Alyssa "But I Can use my fingers" (can said with two syllables, very southern-like)

Next conversation a few minutes after this one was "Mommy can we play a funny game?" she calls them funny instead of fun. "How about Timon Says?" (Simon Says)"I say Stimon Says and you do what Stimon Says but if I don't s Timon says and you do it then I laugh like this *insert laugh here*"
She went through several 'commands' some of which I had to say we couldn't do in the car and then this crazy bright girl goes.

"Stimon says, go to the playplace" She wanted me to take her to McDonalds playplace lol. What a mess!?

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