Monday, July 27, 2009

Imaginations at work

SL381455, originally uploaded by iCandiKnits.

I love it when you can find a frugal way for kids to play! I found some brightly colored scarves at Walmart for $1 each so I picked up 4 of them in various colors. My kids' first thought was pirates and Alyssa wanted an eye covered lol. She was walking around going arg and said she needed a parrot on her shoulder. Being the pirates they were.. notice the orange fingers on pirate Ty? Maybe you can see it better in this one.


Yup that's right, they stole some cheetos and ran off to gobble the bounty. Next they decided to be super heroes :) As long as they don't decide to wrap up the cat in it I think we will be ok!

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Katidids said...

How fun! I would give the kids 2-3 yards of fabric for play & they loved it. It usually ended up with one of them tied up some where but...Ty's fingers? Well a pirate has to pillage!