Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crazy weather

As previously posted it will soon be my husband's birthday and while I don't have money to spend I am always looking for something to make him. I think that is partially because he gets annoyed that I like to knit so much. Just like I get annoyed at how much he likes to play video games. At least when I'm finished I have something to show for it! Well, I saw this sackboy pattern the other day and started looking at pictures on Ravelry. One of his favorite movies had a sackboy some one made 'Teen Wolf' version of it. I emailed him a copy of the picture and the next day he sent me a picture of Kratos from the video game God of War. Both little amigurumi's happened to be made by the same person. While this Kratos was quite elaborate (and being sold for $90) I decided I would *try* to make one myself for his birthday. I have to say I'm not loving this pattern but don't really feel like making up one at the moment. I hope it turns out ok because I love it when he is actually proud of my work :).

On another note, the weather has been nice lately. Which I really needed because this heat has been killing me. Ben has next week off for a unvacation. You know the kind, where you just take time off not to loose it but you can't really go anywhere? Well he and his brother once a year go to Six Flags over Georgia and he asked that I go along because I always say I never get to go anywhere. They are having a BOGO on tickets right now or for that reason alone I probably would have said no. The other reason is finding some one to watch the kids. I have asked one of my aunts who has agreed to watch Alyssa and Tyler (thanks Traci!) which I hope will not give her too much trouble and I think I have some one for Kailey too. So, guess who's going to Six Flags and will *try* to have a good time and relax. The weather said it should be 85 so that isn't so bad. Why am I not excited? I think I have forgotten how to have fun!

Next week we will hopefully be able to get the rest of our wood laminate put in the hall and our bedroom but no promises. We have had this flooring in our house for well over a year now and only Kailey's room and the living room has been done. I might help dad do it myself because I don't want Ben hurting his knee again.

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Katidids said...

Oh, Go and have fun! Forget the house for the day & be a kid for the day!
Be sure and post a photo of your new project!