Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Kailey!

Today my baby, and maybe my last baby isn't a baby anymore. She turned 1 year old today and it is a happy / sad kind of day. Happy in that she is growing up to be such a cute and relatively easy baby but sad that she may be my last cute little bundle and that she doesn't like to sit still and let me just 'love' on her.

The first week of school ended with Alyssa catching a 24 hour bug that made her quite sick. Tyler followed after that on Saturday and just last night Kailey caught it. The poor thing spent her last day of infancy and through the morning into toddlerhood sick. Alyssa had a fever and now Hubby woke up sick also. It has been a very tiring and trying week and a half so far.

Here are some pictures of Kailey from infant to now :)

Coming home outfit and first church service on Sunday morning :)


First experience cloth diapering a newborn

My favorite newborn longies, mommy made of course and complete with outfit.


She was sitting up on the couch all relaxed and fell asleep. I love this picture.

Her first laugh that stopped when I brought the camera out. At first she was very scared by the camera. (Notice the woolies lying around?)

This was a pretty common pose for a while

My blue-eyed bug present day and no longer camera shy!


We were so thrilled to have one baby keep their blue eyes. All three were born with milky-gray eyes. Most kids' eyes don't change after the first 8 weeks but ours were in the 5% that do. Alyssa's changed at 6 months (I have pics to prove it) and Ty's changed around 8 or 9 months old. It looks like Kailey's are here to stay :)

What I love about Kailey:

she is sweet
loves to make you laugh
almost always smiling
those big blue eyes
her jibber-jabber
the way she sings and sways to her own songs

What makes her who she is:

She is the only one of the three who said Dada first. The other two said mama at a very young age. Not only did she say Dada first, but Mama didn't even come next. She said, Dada, Bubba, Nana, ByeBye, and then Mama, and then Papa. She can also say Sissi but rarely does (along with Mama).

If I sing her a song Mama or say it, she immediately says Dada.
She loves to dance and hear music and loves to hear me sing. She tries to sing along with me already :) She loves to play the drums and bangs on things all the time.

She is very tenderhearted just as I am and was as a child. All it takes is a harsh look or tone of voice and it sends her in to tears.

She was my first that was resistant to stop using a bottle. The others were on sippy cups at 9 months old. She just switched over but would still prefer a bottle any day.

Kailey is a very inquisitive girl. When she was little she would stare a whole in you just watching your every move. She has loved baby wearing even though I don't do it as often as I used to and now with her more mobile, she would rather I put her down for exploration. This will soon have to change though because she is way too long for her infant carseat and it's going to be a challenge getting a 4yo, nearly 3yo, and 1yo out and about. Especially church and WalMart.

I just want to thank the Lord for giving me this sweet baby girl one year ago today.

Happy 1st Birthday Kailey Bug!


Kim said...

what a beautiful baby girl, who is growing up. *sniff sniff* I'm about to cry just thinking that my son's birthday is coming up fast. I hope they party goes well!

Kelly said...

I love your post. My "baby" just turned 2 two weeks ago and still says everyone's name but Mama. I'm thinking "Wait a minute, I gave you life." He's number 6 and definately the last -- my sweet,sweet baby boy.