Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sheepy Pants heading your way

Just recently I became a licensed Sheepy Time Knits knitter and have since then been knitting like a mad woman trying to stock the shop up with longies for this coming fall. With preschool starting it has definitely been a challenge but here are the first ones heading to the store. :)

Just finished we have Desert Sky size Medium in Peace Fleece. Peace Fleece is nice and thick and holds up well with crawlers and those of us who are a little tough on wool. They have been conditioned to be softer.
Next we have Rockin' Lizard size Large also in Peace Fleece.

Construction Stripes is nearly finished!

I also have an oatmeal colored NB sized pair in soft merino.

While working on things for the shop, I also have things I would like to knit for my own kids. They don't stay small forever and it is easier (& quicker) to knit for them when they are small so I don't want to loose this opportunity! Plus, I have 2 still in diapers to knit for :)

Kailey's soaker in Majestic Mountain on Peace Fleece

I have so many things I would like to knit this winter and fall that I know there is not enough time for!

A hat for an aunt that was recently diagnosed with cancer.

I don't know how I ended up only knitting gender neutral and boy things this time but I promise the girls are up next. Also don't forget that customs are always welcome!

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