Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fluffy mail

I have been selling off my stash of BG OS 2.0's and other fitted to be able to buy Kailey some new diapers. She has grown much faster in the 'bottom' department than Alyssa or Ty did. Of course Ty can wear the same size diaper as Kailey right now. lol My Fluff finally came in from Bunnyfeet Boutique. The first 5 are LCT OS side snapping. The one on the right was on sale and has no type of closure but is the same pattern. Actually, all of these were on sale for nearly $5 off :)

<span class=bunnyfeetboutiqueLCTOS">

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I didn't mean for 3 of the inners to be pink. I'd rather the pink giraffe's inner have been blue or green but I didn't specify since it wasn't my first choice of fabric. The print I had chosen she was out of (though it was still on the site).

<span class=meloninner">
The diaper has 2 sets of inner rise snaps to change it's size and a snap in soaker.

Side Snapping


3 layers bamboo fleece, topped with velour


<span class=pinkoogainner" width="423" height="500">
Here is the OS Snappiable diaper that I got for $15 :)
<span class=wetbag">
I also really needed a wetbag and diaper pail liner. Love the wetbag! I think the pocket on front would be great for holding unused dry wipes.
<span class=bibwipes" width="180" height="240">
I have not tried any of these out yet so that will be posted on later, but they seem sewn nicely, other than the foe on the wetbag & bib which I cannot complain about because it was a freebie thrown in :)

A few of the knit prints feel a bit stiff but I think it should soften up after being washed.

One complaint I do have though is that the website states that it should take 1 week. She had 1 month left of pregnancy with her 9th child so I didn't expect it fast really but, I did not expect it to take as long as it did. I ordered on 7/27 (hubby's bday) and emailed her to check on them 2 full weeks later with the response that she would ship them the next day (8/11). 8/13 I checked on them again because I hadn't received a shipping notice. 8/14 she told me her sewing time was cut short unexpectedly and gave me a tracking number. That same day is when I saw the snappiable diaper at The Wading Pool on sale and purchased it. Well guess what!? I received the single diaper a day before the flat rate box of diapers that were supposed to have been shipped already.

Now all of this was happening while at the same time that another WAHM was stiffing me on some wipes I ordered from her (on 8/5) at Greenhorn on hyenacart. I ordered over 30 wipes with more than half of that being instock and the custom ones were only 1 layer and serged. She has a 7 day guarantee listed on her website that they would be shipped within that time-frame as long as the 7th day wasn't Sunday, then it would be Monday or they were free. I never heard a word from her. On day 8 I emailed her asking if they had shipped because it had been past 7 days. No response. Day 9 I sent another email and yet still no response. Day 10 I sent an email that morning and said that I had received no contact what-so-ever and it had been past the amount of time she guaranteed on her website, that whether or not she honored what her website stated, I still wanted a full refund. No word from her by that afternoon so I filed a claim with Paypal and I swear before an hour was up that she responded to it claiming that hyenacart had never sent her an email that an order had been placed. That however, does not account for my emails that I sent to her does it? Oh and you know I have not received any wipes in the mail.
I edited to add that it took 4 whole days of my refund pending to receive it back.

I really don't like leaving bad reviews.. but I really need to suck it up this time and do it. I would hate for this to happen to someone else. I still need wipes :/ and she basically lying about the 7 day guarantee since I still don't see wipes at my door. If this becomes corrected, I will make note of it in a post.

I know things are more difficult when you are pregnant.. especially has to be if you have 9 kids but, don't you think that 3 weeks before shipping is a lot longer than the 1 week it says on the site?

I have edited this again because as I was folding the diapers back up from taking pictures, I noticed a snap has already fallen off. This is very Did I ever mention that if luck had anything to do with anything.. I always have bad luck?

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