Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Madness

Never a Dull Day\

Today was Alyssa's first day of K4.

It wasn't all that hard getting out the door and I signed her in right at 8am. The problem however, was with my car. For a few weeks now my gas needle has been floating around. Now my speedometer isn't working either! I have to guess how fast I am going judging by the RPM's and what gear I am in. Tyler was not happy to leave the daycare either. I had to pick him up, still carrying Kailey too to get him out. Then he started screaming for his Sissy that he didn't want to leave her.

I headed to Walmart just to pick up a few necessities. I have been trying to keep full shopping days on the off week of getting paid since there is less of a crowd and a lot of the time have better sales. Turns out the fall clothes were already there. After spending a little time mulling through the 80's love inspired Garanimals and picking out some outfits for each kid (except Ty, they didn't have boy things out yet?!). As I headed towards the shampoo Ty mentioned something about peepee. Now, I had a diaper on him this morning because I knew we were going out so I looked down at his shorts and saw nothing wrong. Little did I know, was that he had changed himself in to underwear without me knowing it. He peed everywhere.. and I did not know what to do. I couldn't see an employee to tell anywhere and I wasn't near one of those 'spill' stations to grab a wet floor sign... so I left it there... yes I know.. horrible. I didn't know what else to do. I quickly got a few groceries and headed out of there. Ty kept standing up saying he was peehee and wanted it off no matter how many times I told him I didn't want him showing off he'd peed and I promised I was hurrying so we could get it off. I stripped him down in the parking lot between me and the car and fashioned a towel around him to sit in the seat with.
I had no idea how much a boy can pee.. seriously no sooner had we got home given him a bath (he peed in the tub) and put more clothes on him, then he peed again in them... We went to go get Alyssa and came back and he peed a lot again. When a boy says they gotta go.. they mean it. At least he got up from his supposed to be nap to go poohoo (poopoo) in the potty.
He loves to dress himself now and almost always puts both his shirt and pants/shorts on backwards. It makes me think of a movie where Tom Green says "I'm the backwards man, the backwards man" because he has a whole suit on backwards. lol

Here are pictures of the clothes I settled with. The girls have 3 shirts in common.

Alyssa's clothes 5T tops & 4T bottoms
Ty's clothes 3T pants (that are more like 24m length, I checked) and 5T shirt. I couldn't find any Garanimals pants that would fit Tyler. The only ones and last two available were $10 a piece and have button-hole elastic which is a must for a skinny bottom boy like him. These should fit quite a while.
Kailey's clothes 18m.
The school had asked us to have a family photo and a picture of Alyssa for a little paper to fill out about her favorites. Here are the pics we took yesterday :)

The 3 Caballeros
The 3 Caballeros- One of their favorite outside activities is to go "Walking down the street" in their radio flyer wagon. I don't think they'll all fit next year lol
My little blue-eyed bug.

Notice the crossed legs? What do you think about my new highlights and hubby's beard? I talked him in to keeping it. I think it helps soften out his angular face a bit :)

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Katidids said...

Great pics! You found some cute outfits but your right about some of the motif;s that are chosen for infants clothing! Yuck! Love the Bact to school photos..Isaiah starts kindie this next week :(
Where did summer go?