Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BAB Week #2

Body After Baby Week 2

How did I do last week with the goals I set for myself? Well, good on the water but bad on the exercise. I did loose 2lbs though :) My total point earned for last week are as follows

Tu- 4 points
W- 5 points
Th- 8 points
F- 6 points
Sa- 8 points
Su- 5 points
M- 5 points
Tu- 6 points

47 points total I may not have maxed out on water (80oz is more than half my weight so I don't think that's safe!) but I pretty much met my goal of water intake a day. Ok so it was off some days but still a lot better than the previous week! I also drank less Dr. Pepper in a day which is something for me.

Week 2's mini challenge is to walk/run/jog. Each 15 minutes of said exercise is worth 1 point with a max of 4 points. I have no excuses since I have the treadmill in the house now, & in the living room. I am also grateful she didn't measure by distance since the pedometer I recently purchased did not work and I have no way of knowing how far I have walked since the treadmill is old and the display no longer works.

Standing weight is 150lbs as of Saturday morning.

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Katidids said...

YOU GO GIRL! I think I'm finding the weight your loosing...that or my chair is getting smaller!