Friday, October 9, 2009

Boys will be...

Boys, if you don't have one, or have one on the way then you should read this!

Today was one of those days you wish would hurry up and end because things keep happening left and right. I have tons of laundry to catch up on, this happens kinda often though. There I was in the floor with 6 baskets of clothes dumped out, sorting and folding them. A couple felt damp so I did what any other mom would do (I think) and sniffed it... Now I have been known to forget about a load in the washer and have to rewash it so I thought maybe I had put some in the dryer by mistake or it got caught in the dryer and didn't finish drying all the way and was shoved in a basket or.. something.. So I tossed it aside to be washed again and kept going because the other clothes smelled fine. Until, I ran across about 5 more things like this. I didn't have time to think about so I kept folding.

Then, it hit me.

Ty must have peed in a basket! He has been going diaperless at night also now for a few weeks. So it had to have been him because it did smell like pee. They were all together in the floor with the pee clothes.

Now, he is in that stage where he thinks he has a permanently attached toy...
Just this week he was standing at the large window in the living room staring out at the birds when all of a sudden he went running. I figured he was headed to the potty. What did I hear next? The unmistakable sound of pee hitting a carpet. He went out of my view behind the couch (it's on the way to the bathroom), stopped out of my site, whipped it out and let it go. He knew what he was doing. I caught him in the act.

On a funny note though we also went outside that day even though it was muddy out because I had to get some fall clothes out of the storage shed. Ty and Alyssa both had fun with slugs, not tiny little almost cute slugs but big fat super slimy slugs. Ty held his the whole time we were outside and wanted to slide with it. Out popped the slug from his hand as he climbed the top and it tumbled down the slide leaving a trail where it hit. He was devastated lol. The kids were a huge mess of mud from jumping in puddles but they did have fun.

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