Friday, October 23, 2009

Car Chat

Alyssa and I just had another one of our chats/discussions in the car. What was the topic today?


What did she want to know?

A. Why do we have blood in our bodies?
Me. It helps keep us alive.
A. Where is blood in my body?
Me. There are little tunnels called veins & it takes the blood all over.
Did you know that drinking water helps make blood in your body?
(ok so admittedly I'm not sure this is true or not but I was hoping to get her to drink more water lol)

A. I like water. I don't want to loose all my blood, that's why when I get a booboo we put on a bandaid.

Ok so this chat was a little strange, especially for a 4yo. You really never know what will come out of a kid's mouth!

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Katidids said...

Their minds are a marvel! and yes, water is necessary to help build blood, I love your car convos! Did you have a good anniv?