Monday, October 19, 2009

Up to Something

I haven't blogged hardly any lately and here I am doing 2 posts in one day. Oh well!

Here are some photos of what I have been up to!

A WIP just off my needles called Whale Stripes and needs the ends woven in still.

I also have a pair of longies for Kailey on my needles (FINALLY!) I need at least 2 more because she has none!

Should be listed today and lanolizing tonight is Sweet Tart. I came really close to keeping this one for Kailey and I still want to! So if you want it, then hurry before I change my mind lol.

I just finished a custom of 2 longies and 1 pair of shorties..

Candy Cane

Remember if you see something you like and would like it in another size just email me and I will let you know if I have that yarn in stock for another!

Another custom, this one is hand dyed.

I also have a baby shower gift that has been done for weeks that I still can't share since she will see it on facebook before receiving it. <-- not good! So that will still have to wait since the shower was rescheduled.

I also have a *very* special custom that has been in the works quite a while but I will not post on it until it is complete.

I am working on restocking the shop so if you have anything you would like to see or see more of just send me an email!

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Nikki said...

LOVE the Whale Stripes! What size is it?