Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fresh Off My Needles

Just finished is a small pair of longies in 100% wool Boy Blue & will be listing tomorrow!


Next up is a custom hat and longies set:

I know I have shown these to a lot of people in person and a some online too but I have not posted about them on my blog yet and I am hoping for action shots soon. Here is the custom Mario longies I did a little while back. They are to be for a little boy's first birthday party with a Mario theme!



MandyWelch said...

Love the mario longies! Too cute!! I love the blue longies as well! I am finding I like solids more and more. The next time I dye it will be semi-solid blues and grays.

Autumn Beck said...

wow. you are blessed with some amazing talent.

Slee said...

Those Mario longies are just a delight to look at. You are made of talent.

Annie Valentine said...

I want some Mario longies!!!!!! Amazing.