Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have been working at a yarn shop called Knit In Time on Saturdays since May of 2009, the same time I finally opened up iCandi on hyenacart. Now the shop is closing.. and it is sad to see. I will stay in touch with my friends from there. We will still meet up for knit night .. but it just won't be the same.

I couldn't help but snap a few pictures with my phone on my way out. I think I have just one picture on the day it opened. I will have to find that one as well.

That table was full of Malabrigo, those shelves of Cascade 220, and that rack had a good bit of needles.

Last day
Not much sock yarn or books left. See?

This was our classroom for teaching how fun knitting can be. Just out of the picture is a half eaten cake :)

Gifts room
The gift room with fragrances and jewelry straight from Ireland and also some local jewelry and bags, hand made hats, and candles.

So now, I'm on the job hunt but meanwhile I'm knitting my fingers off for iCandi :) I plan on having a spring sale coming up in March or April . Also look for me coming up soon on Vilate's blog My Nifty Nappy.

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Spitmonkey said...

If I was local I'd have taken classes - some day I will. Ot is sad to see it close, it looks like a fun place to work. And getting to do something you love is a rareity nowdays. Meanwhile, I'll be keeping an eye on YOUR shop for goodies! ;-)