Sunday, February 28, 2010

WIP and finished

Last year I set out to make the girls some dresses. This year I am already caught up to what I had tried to accomplish. I want to make 3 dresses each for the girls and maybe a top or two also.

First up is a Milo top for Kailey with XOXO cables. I found this yarn clearance for $1 . Total cost was $1.50 to make.

Second up is the first Rainbow Dress I have finished this year. Yarn once again was $1 a skein. Total cost $1.50 to make. It could have used an inch or more in length but I was ready to get it off my needles :)


The second Rainbow dress for Kailey just needs to be sewn now. Not pictured is a brown ribbon with cream stitching on the sides. I plan on doing the other dresses in this manner.
WIP rainbow dress

I haven't even started on dress #1 for Alyssa because I will have to up-size the pattern a bit first. Believe me, she has noticed that Kailey now has 2.5 dresses/tops and she doesn't have one yet. So she will be the next thing I cast on for. Well I started another pair of socks last night.. she'll be the next!

First pair of socks finished for the year, Froot Loops in STK's Panda Feet.

Notice all the yarn under our television? lol


twisted said...

Everything looks great!

Katidids said...

Oh how cute! I love the rainbow dress. I ave a few to make for Evie when I get caught up ......someday.

Nikki said...