Friday, January 16, 2009

Dr.... again?

Yay! Friday! My mom sometimes gets a kid or two on Fridays and this time it is Kailey and Tyler because DH and I are taking the youth skating. I used to rollerblade a lot when I was younger (*snicker* I can here people saying you're not old now!) Yeah well I feel it! lol. Anyways Alyssa is going with us for the first time and she's excited. :D I didn't get to go last time we did this because I was pregnant.. but, I did bowl 7 1/2 m pregnant and beat them all :P I barely talked DH in to letting me go but I had fun and helped keep the peace between some siblings (teens and tweens... generally don't mix!) It has been probably 6 years since I last skated and I'm sure to be exhausted when it's over.
Oh yeah almost forgot the Dr. part. They wouldn't do Kailey's appointment (that was scheduled for today) Tuesday when I took Tyler because they said they didn't have enough time. She's 4.5m old, 11lbs 14oz, and 25".. she grew 3.5" in two months.. that's crazy. She has eczema on her cheeks still and has had a rattle in her chest off and on (as with all three kids) and luckily it wasn't an ear infection but.. she has bronchitis (wow did I spell that right on the first try? nope..) and so does Ty and probably Alyssa too. I had to get medicine for her $$ great... Hopefully they'll all get over it now and stop passing the fun around. He also suggested I get a cool-mist humidifier.
Dr. Hudson saw my cloth diapers again (he forgets I use them every time lol) and mentioned Kailey starting solids and that I could make her food (GO DR!) I told him I do steam and puree her food and he gave me a compliment and said he wished more of his patients did that (I do too!). I just wish she'd like food already and that my mom (Nani to the kids, pronounced like Nana with an E on the end .. it's a mix between Mommy and Nana that Alyssa came up with) would get on board too.. While they are over there it's disposables and jar food (yuck). But hey you can't force someone ya know? <--- my southern accent coming out in my typing LOL

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