Thursday, August 12, 2010

more about school

Starting next week they don't allow you to walk your K5 student to their class & Alyssa has been scared about going alone, so I have this week to wean her. I walked her just to her class door this morning and saw a little girl behind me. Afterward I started back to the car (Kailey & Tyler in tow) and the girl was still following me. I turned around and asked her if she was lost. She nodded & I asked her if she was in kindergarten. I received just another nod. Luckily everyone has their name on their backpack so I was able to lead her back to the K5 hall and look on the lists of students on the wall to find her teacher.....

When I tried to talk Alyssa in to letting me drop her off this morning she said " But some one will steal me" I told her there is a teacher outside and it is the same place she sat on the benches with the teachers just yesterday waiting for me to pick her up (that story coming next lol). She still wouldn't budge and tomorrow is the last day I can walk her in.

So, how did school go yesterday?

She came home excited telling me about how she bought her own lunch with chocolate milk (I'm hoping she doesn't pick that every day, we are going to have a talk on it), hot dog, & a star cookie. She also loved P.E. and the jumping jacks she did lol. I couldn't help but laugh at the simple things it takes to excite a 5 year old and make them happy. I know that soon enough even 5 year old's get homework (dun dun dun) and she has never liked writing things over and over.

Picking her up yesterday was crazy to say the least. I live less than 2 miles from the school so it is mandatory that I pick her up (grumble grumble). I got to the school early hoping to pick her up as soon as the buses left and I wouldn't have to wait forever. Only one problem.. that lecture from the principal I sat through (with all 3 kids in tow... bad, very bad day) didn't exactly say where we were supposed to be to pick up students. I parked in the parking lot which seemed to be half full already even at 2:40... So I waited... and waited.. there was no sign of where I was supposed to go. Ty said he had to pee... great right? I told him he would have to hold it. Finally at 2:50 I saw a line start to form.. the one I needed to be in! Parents were getting out of their cars left and right, picking up their kids and already coming back! Well remember that lecture from the principal? Supposedly ppl on foot were going to get their kids last and the people in the car pick up line would be attended to first.

It didn't happen that way.

I couldn't get in to the line so I had to leave the school, drive all the way around the square that is about .5 miles long back to the school entrance which of course was now backed up. It seems there is also a one-way road coming from somewhere that ends in the pick up line also. It took FOR-E-VER (imagine the sand lot kid saying that). I didn't leave with Alyssa until after 3:30. There was only one student left in her class still sitting on the bench waiting and maybe 20 or so students in total still there. Remind me again why the school won't let her ride the bus? Oh yeah... Jefferson Co. doesn't know how to budget their money or keep the people they hire from stealing it and so the schools (and teachers!) suffer.

I hope Ty's first day goes well Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a crazy pickup policy! I just wait outside DD's door. No lineups or hassles.