Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting Ready....

I have been knitting up a storm, though not for the shop but of course woolies for the new baby. I haven't decided if the outfit I am working on is small enough for a coming home outfit since I have teeny tinies. I am still looking for a button for the top and this is not the best of photos on most of these things but I plan for better ones later :)

SMSS Kimono


I hope to have quite a few wool covers this time so I don't have to wash every day.
Here's my rainbow!

Most of those are size small but there are a few nb sized ones.


Trying a couple new things this time..
Curly Purly Sheepy Pants Hybrid
Curly Purly waistband with Sheepy Pants bottoms and a new pattern called the Vanilla soaker (below) that I didn't have last time :)
Dyed Vanilla soaker

Also I have tried crocheting a few longies and every time it reminds me why I don't crochet more things... lol I just don't love doing it as much plus for some crazy reason these all came out larger that I thought they would. I do remember crochet doesn't stretch as much and therefore needs to be bigger for each size but, I think I just like my knitted ones better :P

Some monkey pants in the LadyBugz Farm pattern "Dragonfly Longies"

and starting on a pair in the Wigglebunz pattern

Now, if only I could figure out where to put the baby bed?

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